About Us

Do today what others won't,
so you can do tomorrow what others can't.

AXIOM is more than just a boutique gym.

We are a team of performance-driven individuals who are serious about having fun. AXIOM's indoor cycling classes have 2 specialized programs - Rhythm and Road - That are built to provide cardiovascular conditioning like never before. Well curated with music by our instructors to bring you through various cycling terrains, our classes include a focus on RPMs, Resistance, Power and Distance without compromising agility training through choreography.


AXIOM'S Strength and conditioning focused classes are designed to push an individual's metabolic threshold with movements of various intensities. While adhering to strength protocols, individuals are enabled to get stronger, fitter and faster. Whether you're looking to build or improve overall strength, stamina, or achieve total body balance and conditioning, you'll find it here with AXIOM's quality sessions. We're also strong advocate of proper lifting form at all times, to help develop good lifting habits.


  1. All rides will start on time. We will only have a grace period of 5 mins once the door closes with no exceptions. Kindly exercise respect for fellow riders’ time.
  2. Be kind to your neighbour – good vibes only!
  3. The use of phones are strictly prohibited during class in order to minimize distraction. Should you be anticipating an urgent/emergency call, kindly leave your phones with our Front Of House staff alongside your name and bike number.
  4. Less talking, more riding! This is your time on the bike – commit to it.
  5. No food is permitted in the room. Be reminded to bring your own water bottles for hydration as well!